Internet of things

When you are not at home, doubts can flood your mind. Have I turned off the coffee maker?

Have I set the security alarm?

Is the air conditioner well configured? Are children doing homework or watching TV?

Sometimes you just want recurring and strenuous tasks to do themselves. The lights that turn on and off by themselves. Window curtains that open automatically at daybreak and close automatically after dark. The heating or air conditioning that turns off when you are away and turns on shortly before your arrival. Also you can adjusting itself automatically according to the outside temperature. With a smart home, these doubts and recurring tasks do not have to be. With a single glance at your smartphone, tablet or computer, you can be soothed. Remotely, you can control all the devices connected to the system and do what you want (turn off, turn on, close, open, etc.). Trained in technology and telecommunications professionals, always on the lookout for new technologies and best practices in the field, our team of specialists offers you the solutions best suited to your needs and the most efficient in the industry. We also care about your comfort and easy life, we believe that everything starts from our first contact.

Video Surveillance

Our goal is to help protect people and property, and allow our customers to optimize their business processes. From turnkey solutions for corporations to complete architectures.g The open platform meets all the needs for corporations. Whether you want to protect your store against vandalism or manage a high security installation on several sites, our VMS (video management solution) allows you to do it. Use our services to help you in your daily steps. Our specialized teams as well as our various hotlines are on hand to best respond to your issues. The distribution of our technicians on the national territory allows a proximity of our teams, ready to help you quickly.

Access Control


If you are looking for solutions of communication and security in your establishment or your company ?

visit the NEW TECH INVEST Headquarters. We invite you to discover our solutions. The IP Access Control System (ACS) increases the security of your business and improves your responsiveness to incidents and threats, while leveraging your existing investments in network and security equipment. As well as our advanced security measures and the support of an ever-increasing number of third-party access control devices. our solutions assure the protection of your personal and your resources, with confidence.


Because a company’s data is private and should not be available to everyone, the server must protect the company from outside intrusion via the Internet. It does not let anyone access the network, only authorized people can do it. The server is equipped with a firewall that repels intrusions and an antivirus that protects against attacks from the Internet.

Our digital services company offers you

technical assistance, support and maintenance

expertise, audit and technical advice in 5 phases

1 – Study / Audit 2 – Design 3 – Validation 4 – Works 5 – Acceptance